4201 Russell Road,

Mukilteo, WA


Dayna, Assistant Manager, began teaching yoga in 2003. She is enthusiastic about helping each person attain their personal best in all aspects of yoga. She holds several certifications from nationally recognized YogaFit and brings an amazing level of caring and knowledge to each of her yoga classes. Dayna is available for Yoga Personal Training.

Dayna instructs the following:
  • Reformer Pilates Basics I/II
  • A progressive and challenging total body workout that specifically targets the abdominal and back muscles using the Allegro Pilates reformer machine. This class builds on the introductory exercises adding more challenging variations and a progression to increased levels of core strength, scapular and pelvic stability plus overall flexibility and coordination.

  • Gentle Yoga
  • This class is appropriate for those with chronic or recurring joint or muscle issues. We will safely build balance and flexibility into our lives. We make use of stability balls, chairs and yoga props to enhance our ability and comfort levels. Class is appropriate for all levels of students who are healthy and free from serious structural weakness or injuries.

  • Basic Flow Yoga
  • This beginning to intermediate level yoga class is taught with the idea that anyone can do yoga. It brings together movement and static poses to increase physical balance, toning and flexibility, as well as mental focus. Modifications can be available for some of the poses. Good for all fitness levels.

  • Reformer Pilates II & Abs
  • This is our most active Pilates Reformer class. Core strength and body toning are at the center of attention here, with a special emphasis on abdominal muscles. Pelvic stability and overall flexibility will also be addressed. This class is best for those with Reformer experience. Not recommended for those with chronic back or shoulder injuries, modifications will not be available for most activities.

  • Gentle Reformer Pilates
  • This class, taught using the Allegro Pilates reformer machine, is appropriate for those with chronic or recurring joint or muscle issues. We will work slowly with precision to safely build on our abilities as we improve our core strength, flexibility and coordination. Instructor permission required.