4201 Russell Road,

Mukilteo, WA


Dave found his niche early on when he began developing training routines for himself and soon noticed a desire to help others reach their fitness goals. He realized he had a knack for motivating and training others and in 2011 graduated from Campbell University with a degree in Fitness & Wellness Management. He is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, who was an all conference college athlete and double-sported in football and track. He advocates a balanced approach to all facets of life; from nutrition, strength, and flexibility, to sleep and relaxation. He finds it truly gratifying to see clients surpass their goals to reach their personal best while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

David instructs the following:
  • Kid-FIT
  •      It's time to get your kid off the couch. It's important to help them build healthy mental, social, and physical skills that will last. Can't find a sport they like? Or maybe you already have and you're looking to help them improve at it?
          Classes involve activities that are necessary for your child's functional development such as improvement of their agility, balance, and coordination. They'll learn to interact with others around them in a fast-paced, safe, fun-filled environment, designed to improve their verbal and physical communication skills.   
         Afraid your kid might feel left out, uncomfortable, or left behind? Not to worry, no one has to take part in any activity they don't feel comfortable trying, and every child will have the opportunity to participate at their own pace, so they won't feel left out. 
         Kids ages 7-12 are welcome to attend this class.

  • Peak Performance - Advanced

  • Open Gym Time
  • During any of the Open Gym times available, you are free to use the gym and workout on any of the equipment in the area. Treadmills and Ellipticals are available for use during the entire day.  Be sure to check the Open Gym Schedule to see which times are available to you.

  • DEF-CON 1.5
  • Definitive Conditioning 1.5 (DEF-CON), is a one and a half hour strength and conditioning workout that incorporates the use of TRX Bands, Heavy Duty Tires, Sledgehammers, Agility Harnesses, Agility Ladders, Conditioning Ropes, Barbells, Dumbbells, and even vehicles. Disclaimer: This is a difficult and intense level class designed for the individual looking for the next level up in their workout. Instructor approval is required.*

  • Spinning
  • Spinning is a simulation of an outdoor bike ride over a variety of terrain, led by an instructor and accompanied by motivational, driving music. Instructors lead students through basic movements that combine various hand and body positions and different types of pedal strokes. Periods of all-out sprinting are alternated with slower, uphill work, which serves as a type of interval training. An awesome way to burn calories and have a great time! Class is appropriate for all levels of students who are healthy and free from serious structural weakness or injuries.

  • Peak Performance
  • A circuit training class utilizing traditional cardiovascular and resistance training equipment, various free weight and body weight exercises. Great way to utilize weight training equipment without the added expense of personal training. Class is appropriate for all levels of students who are healthy and free from serious structural weakness or injuries. Exercise modifications for each class member.

  • TRX
  • Tired of sitting on machines? TRX Suspension Training incorporates full Range of Motion and Functional Training using your body weight. Improve core strength, muscle tone and weight loss. Great for beginners through experts. Work at your own level and pace.

  • Circuit Cardio
  • This classes uses a circuit-style format. 9 stations, 9 different exercises, 3 rounds minimum. It's a high-intensity class focused on increasing your heart rate and improving your cardiovascular endurance through the use of aerobic circuit training.  Expect to sweat.

  • Circuit Strength
  • This class uses a circuit format and focuses on burning fat, toning muscles, and lowering your blood pressure by utilizing anaerobic training.  Participants rotate through a set of 9 stations that switch exercises and muscle groups every class, while increasing heart rate throughout the hour.  You'll never have to worry about repeating an exercise or over-training.  Beginners and advanced members will benefit from this course.