4201 Russell Road,

Mukilteo, WA

Quality Fitness has no enrollment or joining fees. You are welcome to take your first class for no charge and then choose to drop-in one class at at time or choose a package of classes or a membership option that best suits your needs. Our rates are reasonable and competitive while offering small classes and solid instruction for each of your fitness classes and personal training options. We encourage you to make group exercise classes and personal training a regular part of your routine to help you with your health and wellness for life. We have an easy-to-use registration and reservation system for you to sign up for classes from your computer or mobile device. Please give us a call or send us a message if you have any questions. 

No Enrollment Fees!




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      We've outfitted our facility with equipment from   Sports Art International!  We're enjoying our new ECO-   POWR™  Treadmills, Ellipticals, and Indoor Cycles and   they energy they produce.  Now our consumers can   become producers while they work out!  We also have   Cable and Plate-Loaded Exercise Machines from Sports   Art, but our main attraction is the cutting-edge, energy-   efficient technology that Sports Art has created in their   new line of cardio equipment.  The next step in   renewable energy!  We're proud to represent our   community and the North-West by being the first   commercial gym in the state of Washington to offer this   equipment to its clients!  


 With the new SA Well+ app (free to clients),   you're able   to do more than just count calories or steps...now you   can see how much energy you actually produce by   tracking Watts generated!  We're excited to see which   clients will be the top energy-producers in the gym!